Mindful Birthing

I am offering you individual bespoke sessions to learn about how you can use self hypnosis and mindfulness to help you have control, and a calm, confident birth.

Sessions are held in your own home and are based upon your unique needs.  Because I can work with you in a flexible way that mirrors the birthing process, whatever your needs/budget is I can accommodate you.

Increasingly research is showing how mother’s emotions can impact on the baby in the womb. By practising mindfulness and preparing for birth this class will help you have a clam birth and a naturally calmer baby. The sessions will also help you prepare by releasing any fear and getting you into the right frame of mind. When calm, crucial hormones flow allowing your baby and body to birth harmoniously. Not forgetting Dads or birthing partners, as sessions focus on you working together through labour, and the role that partners need to do during this time.

Things can go off piste in birthing, and so you can use mindfulness to help you remain calm and focussed in the moment no matter what is happening. Your partner also learns how to do this with you.

However, if you have experienced a traumatic or difficult birth before, you may decide to clear that away before you start new birthing preparations. In my experience this tends to be crucial. Do let me know if this is the case. I will talk with you, at no cost, for upto 30  minutes about how we can approach this to help you decide what you want to do. Do take a look at my Birth Art page too.

Sessions start at £40 per hour/negotiable depending upon income.