“ Our most important problems cannot be solved; they must be outgrown…”

Carl Jung

Psychotherapy aims to grow the individuals’ sense of well being. You may be wishing to acquire new skills or how to flourish more within your life. The first step is to get in touch. Once that seed is sown, then it really about how we work together to bring about the changes you are looking for. Sometimes just discovering this can be enough in itself.  Giving a list of conditions, or ailments that psychotherapy can assist with may be helpful,  but I’m more curious about how you are doing something that is less helpful to you and assist you to change that.  For some people it’s about having the space to think out loud and explore what comes up for them. For others it’s a timely focussed outcome orientated plan.
Whatever the reason, I do an assessment and outcome session first then we go from there, tending to what has arisen from that session and by collaborative agreement.

Approaches used are, hypnopsychotherapy (a range of techniques working with conscious and unconscious processes) NLP, Transactional Analysis, Integrated Eye Movement therapy ( IEMT), Solution Orientated Therapy. However I use these in a person centred, integrative way that best suits the individual.

I am happy to explore with you what needs to change and at the same time my particular area of interests are:

  • Eating issues
  • Physical health issues (post  Stroke, heart attack, M.E.  IBS, for example)
  • Anxiety/Depression /Stress
  • Pre and Post Natal mood changes

What happens now?

After you make contact I will email/post you an initial information form. Please complete this and return to me prior to making a first appointment.  Once I have received this then we will make that first appointment by mutual arrangement. I also send you a further sheet for your information with this initial contact form.

I am registered through the Awaken school to the UKCP for psychotherapists
I am insured with Holistic Insurance services : ID HIS16617