Birth Art

“But I cant draw a straight line”

“Before there was written language there were cave paintings..”…from Lucia Capacchione`s book The Art of Emotional Healing.

This is NOT about whether you are good at Art or not…So Im dispelling that myth now! Creativity is all of us and there is a tendency to loose touch with this. However  growing trend towards using crafting/creating to help ease distress has been happening the last few years. The use if art to help emotional healing has been around a long time now. Emotion are experienced as physical sensations and we get good at numbing these. In my non-birth work I use the act of making a mark on paper to begin to look at this with clients as part of the emotional journey.

Birth Art then is about noticing the physical sensations and using them to plan/dream/release fear/imagine birthing and so on as part of your birth preparation. This can be done in a small secure group over a few sessions or part of your mindful practice sessions or perhaps something else. Get in touch for a FREE initial chat about this.

This is a picture I did as part of the Birth Art training with Tamara Donn.IMG_0002

And this one